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Postcode & Addressing systems were the continuous challenges in Solomon Islands resulting in many sluggish development progress especially in the area of delivery, eCommerce and simple finding of people, businesses and corporation bodies.  One of the SIPC Corporate goal for 2020 Strategic Way Forward is to establish such infrastructures to put in place a robust and more efficient delivery channel for citizen to be able to find each others whether leisure, business or simple day to day livelihood.

What3Words was introduced by the Corporation is 2017, was launched by the Minister of Communication and Aviation Hon. PED Peter Shanel Agovaka.  Since the launching of the most remarkable GIS based addressing system; the system was yet to be fully introduced to the country well enough to allow citizen to use it to maximum potential it was intended for.  2020 Strategy Way Forward for the Corporation now work in consultation with the Ministry of Communication and Aviation to introduce a consultative initiative to gain wider audience to look into postcode establishment of the country.   We believe that in the coming months we can establish this most needed postcode system to allow our country to record the first ever postcode for Solomon Islands.

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